After more than 20 years of development 、accumulation and summarize,BardRays’ commodities format one set mature and perfect trading systems. BardRays’ business model is opened to all outstanding enterprise, sharing and developing the next innovative development model with progressive companies. Therefore, BardRays research and develop the commodities supply chain operations services, offering professional and excellent kinds of services in the main chains of the international tradings.

Trading Platform

Bardrays provide international safe and reliable Trading Platform support.

Today’s cross-border trading is not new, but the top speed development is still facing many insurmountable gap, such as information asymmetry and the uncertainty of business reputation, trade professional degree of inconsistency, geopolitical variability, and so on tend to make trade both parties trading difficulty. BardRays act as a link between suppliers and end users, play the role of Circulation Bridge. Working as the international trading platform, BardRays always insist on the principle of fair trading, let every single deal under the terms of the contract carried out smoothly.
And based on the current cross-border Internet thinking, each trader pursue to achieve efficient sales target or gain more trading information timely. Base on BardRays more than 20 years brand reputation has been widely recognized in the industry, BardRays found unique commodity Internet membership trading way, each supplier and buyer can lock the actual transaction information timely.

Trade Settlement

Bardrays provide professional multi-field trading settlement worldwide.

Trade settlement is not a simple accounting, Commodity trading involves industry terms, trade terms, middle circulation costs, exchange rate, interest rate, currency exchange, market price changes, and contract changes in the special terms and conditions and other factors, BardRays’ team have these professional accounting quality, also have leading Settlement Accounting System. No matter how complex way of trade, financing model, logistics solutions, trading in futures model, warehousing combinations, BardRays settlement system can intuitively reflect the customers’ risk at any time the current management status and future potential risk. At the same time, BardRays settlement commissioner have the ability to give operation adjustment scheme, let the customer’s profit maximization as much as possible

Financial Services

Bardrays offer wide and strong funding and financing Channels.

Commodity is closely related to financial, without financial services, commodity will almost not be smoothly complete the transaction, even not additional value and market value of the rapidly changing market opportunities. Commodity financial attribute is so important, how to obtain a relatively low cost of financing and how to display the commodity financial attributes to the largest value? Proficient in financial market operation rules, mature financing channels. BardRays deeply cooperate with commodities trading banks and financing institution, the clients of the BardRays can share the huge financing networks around the world, timely access to the powerful currencies of financial support and relatively low cost of financing.

Logistics Services

Bardrays provide high efficiency and low cost of multimodal transport logistics solution.

Logistics is the life of the commodity transfer channel, also is the lifeline of enterprise operation. Logistics scheme is reasonable and efficient directly affect the enterprise capital turnover and inventory cost. Bardrays set up long-term business with main logistics agency and shipping house in worldwide main sea port and canal port, and railways stations. Offering LOTS (Logistics Operation Tracing System)logistics services according to customs’ requires timely with lowest cost. BardRays’ clients can track the cargos anytimes.

Warehouse Services

Bardrays Provide safe and reliable, low cost of warehousing service.

The commodity itself value does not poor, Ensure the safety of the goods is always the primary factor in the trading process. Different articles require experienced related warehousing institutions to operate, after years of screening and multi-dimensional evaluation, Bardrays select some experienced、safe and reliable、responsibility for efficient、low cost with high cost performance warehouses agencies act as the world’s strategic partner, making close cooperation with the warehouses’ holder in main ports and transport site worldwide, offering warehouse storage services. All of these strategic partners can offer Remote Monitoring System, any clients of the BardRays’ can tracking the cargos anytime. To make sure the promise of the “The safety of the cargo is BardRays’ lifeblood of enterprise existence”, BardRays’ Risk Audit Department have rights to estimation risk independent from these partners anytime, only the one achieves 5S on-site management standards can continue to cooperate with BardRays.


Bardrays concentrate on index, price, analysis of data and information consulting services.

Bardrays’ employee and counselors with experienced in Trading、Futures、Security、Financing、Logistics ect. Supplying professional consultancy services for clients. Including Price and Index service, such as LME、LBMA、COMEX、NYMEX、SHFE、BSPI、DollarFx、EuroFx、Pellet Index ect. BardRays from beginning to end all insist on specialized responsible consulting service concept, especially for the clients trading on the BardRays’ platform, all services are free. Offering instructional advice for the customer transaction; creating the low risk trade environment for our customers; for customers, BardRays do always best to sourcing the market opportunities, innovating the new value.

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